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Leverage you career impact with Rock University

Rock Content has a mission to enable opportunities for all. That's why we offer free access to our Rock University Premium courses for public school students and nonprofit leaders.

This offers a great opportunity to learn digital marketing techniques and boost your entry into the job market or professionalize your service.

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Meet Caio, hired after finishing one of our courses

Thank you so much for making knowledge available. I am so grateful that I got a job when I showed my skills learned after the course.I really liked the quality, the learning style and the incremental way it is presented. As a student you start practically from a blank page and end up with a blog. I had studied PHP and HTML in my course, but until then I didn’t know the right techniques to develop. I feel like a WordPress ninja!

Caio Ferreira - student @ Junior Achievement


How it Works

Will launch soon for english speakers, but this is the process:

  1. Check to see if you are eligible;
  2. Fill in the form;
  3. We will soon be in touch if your free license has been approved;
  4. Once approved, you will receive an email with access instructions and have 30 days to take the course and receive your certificate.


We are still developing access to our courses in English. If you want to hear from us when they are available, let us know below.