We provide access to knowledge and digital inclusion, enabling students from public schools to have more opportunities when entering the job market.


We leverage the positive impact of organizations who already have initiatives to solve social challenges. We develop programs to increase the impact of nonprofits through Digital Marketing.


We facilitate Rockers' civic engagement to help make the world a better place. And we've made the commitment that 1% of our time is used for volunteering activities.Ā 

Our Impact Journey

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+ 15K

students and nonprofits impacted

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+ R$ 28.5MĀ 

in Rock Content's product donations and culture projects

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+ 13 milĀ 

volunteer hours

Do you work in a nonprofit and want to increase your online visibility?

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Diego Gomes - CEO da Rock Content
Letter from our CEO

Passion and discipline

Since our inception 6 years ago, we have been driven by the passion for what we do and the discipline to continuously execute our mission: creating opportunities for growth. Rock prides itself on staying true to its mission and, in 2019, we decided to make a long-term, passionate and disciplined commitment to social responsibility. This year, we achieved one important milestone in our ongoing social responsibility journey. We started, a brand new team, and committed our time and capital to accelerating our ability to create opportunities for our people, our shareholders and our customers by leveraging our talent, skills and resources to give back to the broader community and drive the change weā€™d like to see.

Diego Gomes | CEO @ Rock Content

Because of our partners, we are doing even more to improve the state of the world

Our Partners

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Bruna Moreira

Marketing Director @Institute Mano Down

Joining the project was an amazing learning and enhancement opportunity for Mano Down. We were able to learn about and implement new marketing tools and gain insight from mentors. Now, we are already optimizing our management processes, improving indicator analysis and leveraging fundraising for the Institute's programs.

AndreĢ Massahud

AndrƩ Massahud Team

The mission of sharing knowledge to accelerate social transformation is what drives us to always continue to learn. After all, knowledge and learning is always an exchange. In this cycle of constant exchange and learning, we continue to seek ways to contribute more and more to the construction of a more just society and with more growth opportunities for all.

_G7A0603 - Maria Luiza CorreĢ‚a


Service Manager @Rock and Multiplier

I am very grateful to work in a company that takes on the responsibility of going beyond its business objectives and contributing to a world with more growth opportunities for everyone. Or rather: a company that makes this purpose one of its business objectives. Being part of is a daily reminder that we can always go further and do more to build a more just society.

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Gabriela Crego

Social Impact Leader

May 2019 - The date on which Rock Content committed to prioritize actions to make the world a better place. It was a year to create, learn about the social impact ecosystem and pilot projects to see what creates the most value for students and the nonprofit sector. We still have a long learning journey ahead.